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The new 2015 version will be released January 2015. This version comprises the largest rebuild since 2004. Significant changes with respect to the 2012 version are detailed below. Please read the section  Significant Changes which explains how some of these changes may affect you.

New User Interface

The user interface has been redesigned. Now it uses modeless forms, meaning you can open a male form or report while you are in the female file, or you can open multiple forms at the same time. All forms share the same controls like add, delete, scroll, fonts, etc. improving consistency.  There are more customizations.  Large databases open quicker, reports run faster, and navigation is more intuitive.

Online edition

You can install our software in your own premises as before, or if you prefer, now you can run the application online in the Cloud and forget about software installation, updates, and file maintenance. Your data is backed up daily in secure servers. Multiple users can work concurrently in the same database. Access the full power of our application from the Internet using Windows, iOS, Mac OS X, and Android devices. Run and create new reports, and drill-down across the Dashboard.

Data everywhere, anytime, working in sync

Enter treatments in a tablet, record events in a laptop at the farm, look up female histories in your phone, or run any report from a Consultant version in your laptop without Internet. All devices automatically work in sync. Wherever you go or whatever you use, you have access to your data. (*)

(*) Not all editions provide these features. See our website for more information.


The Dashboard is an easier way to explore the data for all your farms. You can customize your dashboard to see what is most important to you in one screen. Drill-down from global company numbers to animal event details.

Save report parameters

You can easily create multiple versions of the same report by saving a variety of report parameter combinations. This saves time if you expect to use the same report parameters again. For example, filter the female list report by parity 1, order by location, then save it. Now you can run the new version of the report with just one click.

New report parameter screen

Use the power of filters, orders, and breakdowns in the new report parameter form. More period-defining options. Improved filtering. Easier customization of reports.

Enhanced multiple-farm features

Multi-farm analysis has been improved. Select farms dynamically in the right panel. See results compiled by farm type, farm group, and by individual farms in multiple sheets of the same report.

New Easy Report

Easily drill-down from global company numbers to animal event details using the new Easy Report.

Favorites folder in Report Browser

The Report Browser manages a new folder called Favorites, where you can easily organize your favorite reports to quickly access them.

Mirroring databases

If you use the Consultant edition, or you enter data in your farm but run reports in your office, the mirroring databases functions will help you. It automatically synchronizes the databases using a Internet connection. Forget about backup and restore, now an underlying process updates the mirroring database, even when the network has interruptions or a low bandwith.

Targets in Performance reports

For performance reports, now you can define your own targets, and minimum and maximum values for variables. These are displayed in the report so you can monitor any deviation.
Performance reports are now more customizable: you can add the accumulative column (it shows the total, not the average), and you can select easily which rows you want to include in the report.

More reports and variables

We have added new reports and also new variables for custom consults. Management of heat, heat not served, treatments and weight analysis have been improved and expanded. The Individual Animal table has been merged with Breeding Female and Breeding Male tables in a new table called Animal, exposing new fields for global consults using these three tables. User fields have been improved to track values not managed natively by the application. Now you can design farm trials to be parity or animal specific, by tagging selected parities or individual animals so you can compare results and performance by breeding animals grouping.

Significant changes

There may be backward compatibility issues with some user-designed or modified reports. You may need to redesign some of these reports using the new ones as basis. In many cases, we have improved the new predefined reports so you may not need to redesign them. Most user-defined reports from previous versions will open, but you may want to redesign them to take advantage of the additional options in the new report parameter screen.

Also of note, reports created with an old report designer, deprecated in 2011, cannot be executed in this version so these reports will need to be redesigned.

Before the final migration, we strongly recommend that you install the 2015 version before uninstalling your former version and test which reports may need to be redesigned, especially your Female History Card, the Performance Analysis, and any other report that may be time-sensitive.

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